It All Comes Down to Comfort When Choosing CleanMyMac 3

Apple has irresistible reputation today. Thus, every issue related to this company deserves a special attention. One of the features that make Mac stand out from the rest of its competitors is its maintenance. It does not demand the same type of maintenance as Windows-related rivals.

Most of the previously released utilities aimed to improve Mac’s performance were accepted ironically. Not long ago, one Mac hard drive cleaner has completely changed the minds of these skeptics. Except for offering prompt and efficient clearing procedures, it guarantees a full safety of user’s private information. It was created to prevent OS X from harmful effects of the recently released suspicious applications.


Modern developer have just one thing on his mind: sell the product. Usually, developers do not care much about the security and customer’s confidentiality. A lot of failing attempts were made to raise memory storage, avoid viruses, and double system’s performance. OS X software community followers became sick and tired of empty promises unless CleanMyMac 3 appeared.

Mac Cleaning Software That Loyal Users Deserve

How to clean Mac hard drive? That was the primary issue to handle when designing this utility. Being a special application with plural functions, this innovation can be applied in various cases. In brief, it cleans the overall system, frees enormous amount of space, prevents from catching viruses, speeds up browsers, and ensures consumers in complete safety. "Clean my Mac"; is just the main user’s request, which motivated the developers to come up with this solution.


Its "parent", MacPaw, is a company with undoubtful reputation. It has been producing high-quality software and utilities for years. On the whole, its production and services possess the following attractive features:

  • they are all lightweight,
  • every app runs quickly,
  • and excellent OS X-inspired designs are included.

Just after its release, CleanMyMac 3 has received a branch of positive reviews. As it was admitted before, clean up Mac is not the only function - it's rather software's main competitive advantage. In the age of rapid information flow, PC and laptop users wish to keep on up-dating their profiles without any obstacles. But 3D technologies require a lot of storage space. It leads to frequent problems associated with the lack of empty space on the disk. As a rule, this problem arises in the most crucial moment.

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How to Clean Mac Hard Drive from All the Junk

With special app cleaner Mac which is focused on deleting unneeded items and documents, consumers don’t have to break their heads against the wall anymore. Perfect performance and rapid system's response is guarantees. In particular, the software is separated in two parts, Cleaning and Utilities. Let's stop more on cleaning functions of this Mac cleaning software.

Here is the check-list for you to get general awareness:

System Junk. How to clean up your Mac? The first thing which might come to your mind when answering this question is getting rid of all system logs and unnecessary caches, localization files, back-ups, old downloads, cookies, and senseless language packs.

iPhoto Trash. From the first sight, it's not that easy to clean your Mac – many people think they'll have to sacrifice invaluable memories in the shape of videos, images, etc. in fact, you will only lose copies of earlier edited pics. Everything you consider important will be saved.

Mail Spam and More - Be ready that local copies of mail attachments will be eliminated to free some space.

iTunes Junk. It’s hard to imagine proper Mac disk cleanup without removing old-fashioned back-ups, extra up-dates, and accidentally installed iOS applications.


Recycle Bins. It refers to simply emptying Mac’s trash can.

Huge and Old Files. The software detects the largest items you haven't used for ages and recommends deleting them. Please be really attentive when going through the proposed files in order to avoid removing important things. Also, this parameter highlights which files take most of your computer's space.

Clever Clean-up.This function unites all of the features recalled previously in the text into a single action.