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About CleanMyMac

Optimize the work of your Mac due to these features

  • Smart Assistant
    With Smart Assistant you will be always informed about all possible ways of how to improve your Mac`s state.
  • Memory Cleaner
    Memory Cleaner will fix problems connected with potential memory leaks and RAM usage of installed processes and apps.
  • Cleanup
    Forget about scanning your computer manually – just release yourself from this task with this Cleanup function. You will be able to remove all junk files with just one click.
  • Threats tool
    Threats tool will help you detect and monitor all files and downloads that can be harmful for your system.
  • Leftovers scan
    Get rid of the temporary files, trash, mail and photo trash, iPhoto cache, and mail attachments easily with the use of the Leftovers scan.
  • Tools
    Use your Mac at its full capacity deleting all duplicates and uninstalled applications taking advantage of effective Tools.

Maintain your Mac for the best performance with CleanMyMac

Because of some suspicious downloads, logs, cache, old files, apps leftovers, duplicates, uninstalled apps, and extensions our Macs can misbehave from time to time. Problems caused by viruses, system junk, browsers’ low speed, insufficient memory storage are familiar to each user. CleanMyMac can help you solve all these bothersome problems and make your Mac run smoothly and effectively.

Easily operated high quality cleaning software

With CleanMyMac it will take just a little while to scan your system junk, photo junk, trash bins, old files, mail attachments, and iTunes junk and delete everything that doesn`t let your Mac work much faster. Due to user-friendly design you won`t have any obstacles in making your computer cleaner. The main advantage is that you just need to take some logic and comprehensible steps in order to achieve optimal results.

Effective cleanup program that is easy to use

It`s a really good idea to look for a powerful cleaning software if your Mac`s performance is getting worse with every day. CleanMyMac will be a perfect solution if you want to prevent your computer from getting viruses and raise its memory storage. All you should do is just to download our program, follow some uncomplicated installer steps, and start using it. Doing that you’ll forget about next problems:

  • You don`t know how to declutter your Mac in a short time
  • You don`t know how to identify system issues
  • You don`t know how to fix things that go wrong
  • You don`t know how to get rid of the problems that drive you insane

For You

How we make our customers feel special

  • Friendly Support Team
    You can easily communicate with our Support Team representatives via sms, email, phone, push notifications or use any other electronic communication mode. Available 24/7 in case you have some questions concerning our product.
  • Client Confidentiality
    We respect the privacy of all our customers, so all your personal information is protected and processed according to our strict Privacy Policy. Our team is responsible for maintaining your confidentiality and protecting data from unauthorized disclosure. A full safety of your private information is guaranteed.
  • Refund Policy
    Our company can consider your refund request and give your money back if there are some serious grounds for doing so. However, in most cases all amounts paid are non-refundable.


Make sure it`s really working

  • Daniel Danner
    I spent a lot of time finding and deleting media leftovers, large old files, duplicates, and any other unneeded things that were slowing down my Mac. With CleanMyMac I don`t worry its performance anymore. It`s really easy in use thanks to the logical algorithm that allows you to clean your computer in several clicks. I always know when my system needs some improvements and it`s really helpful. Highly recommended.
  • James Root
    Thank you for such great hard drive cleaning solution. I was just fed up with a lack of disk space and unnecessary apps. I even thought of purchasing a new computer but I stumbled across CleanMyMac that helped me improve the work of my Mac. It removes all system junk within no time.
  • Debra Bennet
    This program will definitely take care of your Mac. CleanMyMac scans my computer on a daily basis and identifies everything that should be deleted. Very helpful.


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