A Guide to Correct Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures to Illuminate your Whole Day

A Guide to Correct Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures to Illuminate your Whole Day

A bathroom vanity is a combination of the sink and the storage that surrounds it. You need proper illumination and hygiene in this area to get a proper view in the mirror while putting on makeup, shave and styling the hair. Bathroom vanity light can also be the main source of illumination for a smaller space.

Homeowners can find a variety of vanity lights in the market. All sorts of lights from elegant to basic are available for people. Homeowners can choose lights according to their choice, requirement, and budget. Recessed lights and wall sconces are the two best examples of alternative lighting. Most importantly, the fixture should be of the right size and illumination to complement the vanity design and work efficiently. 

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Different Bathroom Vanity Lights 

  • Single or pair of sconces is wall mounted light fixtures which are quite popular and common choice for bathroom vanities. They are extremely functional and don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Statement or pendant chandelier is perfect for bathroom space where light may not be required to be bright and even. For example, in the powder room, a dramatic light also gives an elegant look. 
  • Multiple pendant lights that are simple in design look dramatic and solve the purpose of illumination as well. They’re useful when you’re unable to install lights on the walls. 
  • Recessed downlights which are also known as pot lights are the first thing that people look at in a bathroom. Pot lights illuminate the whole room.
  • Modern LED strip is a recent development which illuminates the whole bathroom evenly and saves electricity bill. These bright light strips can be framed at the side of mirrors, corners of the wall and ceilings, cabinets, shelves, vanities, etc. 

Tips for Perfect Bathroom Vanity Lights 

  • Fixing lights like pendants and sconces on both sides of the mirror will bring even light in the bathroom vanity area. If you have double vanity and one mirror in the center then add a light fixture in the middle and that makes three fixtures now. 
  • Remember to get the height of light right. This depends on the height of the people using the bathroom, and you can set it at the average height, which is comfortable for all. 
  • Placing a surface mount or semi flush mount light fixture behind and above the wall near the mirror where you’ll be standing helps in illuminating not only your face, but shoulder and face as well. 
  • Consider adding floor lights for which are convenient during the night when cannot adjust your eyes with bright lights. 
  • Avoid clear glass shades or exposed bulbs for the harsh glare in the bathroom and on the mirror. Frosted shades and fabric shades are the best choices. 
  • Avoid backlit mirror because it adds more light to the wall than to the face. 

Therefore, choose proper light fixtures like sconces and pendants to illuminate the right place. If you want the right makeup and hairstyle all day long, then your bathroom light should be right.