CBD Used for the Treatment of Kidney Disease

As per the research findings, nearly 10% of the American people suffer from certain chronic kidney disease. A very common symptom of any type of kidney disease will be associated with pain, which is both physical as well as emotional.

Almost, 50% of kidney patients may suffer from pain, and 82% of people reported pain of moderate to severe in intensity.

Usually, doctors in such condition tend to prescribe opiate and acetaminophen as pain-killers to treat such pain. However, ironically, all these drugs can be excreted by kidneys, but kidney disease may cause buildup of such metabolites and may lead to more damage.

CBD near me obtained from cannabis plant can offer effective relief from pain without causing any further damage to our kidneys. Evidence are available that CBD is able to repair kidney damage as well as slow down progression of the kidney disease.

CBD use for kidney disease

Researchers have found that cannabis can be useful aid for managing certain type of kidney disease symptoms, which often may include:

  • Anemia
  • Chronic pain
  • Emesis
  • Insomnia
  • Itching
  • Nausea

There is evidence available that CBD and many other related cannabinoids may able to support health of kidneys, both during acute and also chronic kidney disease present in the mice. Although this fact needs to be confirmed by researcher by conducting trial on humans.

Use of CBD has one most important advantage over any other conventional pain medications as it does not cause any kind of additional damage to our kidneys.

All other types of pain medications like acetaminophen or opiate can be metabolized by liver and gets eliminated through our kidneys.

All such drugs have caused damage to sensitive cells that makes up the kidneys, and that can lead to worsening of our condition.

Also, CBD is metabolized by our liver but has also been proven not doing any additional harm to the kidneys and thus making it non-toxic option to manage kidney-related pain.

The CBD benefits for kidney disease are as follows:

  • Reduces pain that are associated with few common side-effects found in kidney disease
  • Can slow down progression of the kidney disease
  • Few studies suggest that CBD can lower inflammation of kidneys
  • May help protecting the kidneys from any oxidative damage

Recommended CBD dose for kidney disease

Kidney disease usually is very severe kind of disease, so while going for potential treatment options, it is essential to discuss with medical doctor. Often such condition can lead to very serious consequences.

Finding the right CBD dose can be a little challenge, because the compound may affect everybody differently.

So far, no research data available to decide effective CBD dose for kidney disease. All the researches were done on animal and no human trials have been done.

We can generally use dosage information available for similar conditions, like liver or any cardiovascular disease that involve similar action mechanisms. Usually, such conditions need higher CBD doses to produce effects.

Whenever using CBD for the first occasion, it is essential that you may start with small dose, and gradually build up over a period of time once you understand how it will affect you individually.