Golf – A Gentlemen Game?

Golf, when it started, and nobody knows without a doubt when that was, was known as a respectable men’s down. This was fundamentally in light of the fact that just men of honor of the high society in Europe could manage the cost of the time or the cash to play the game. At the point when the game was brought into America it kept the implication as a result of a similar explanation, anyway I feel like that is starting to change due to various things that have occurred in the last 10 to 20 years. 

First we should take a gander at what the game resembled at the outset in this nation. You had only a bunch of noble men playing the game, some for cash and some for entertainment only. Those that played it for cash was for the most part wagering on the game among themselves and possibly with a couple of other rich companions looking on, they หนังไทยตลกๆ   were called proficient golf players. Those that played the game for no particular reason now and then with one another and different occasions with the expert golf players, were called armature golf players. The most outstanding one of these and the most acclaimed, even right up ’til the present time, was Bobby Jones. I think we as a whole know what his identity was. Regardless of what their status was generally every one of them had a vocation or calling that they made the greater part of their living off of. 

I was conceived in 1940 in Augusta, Georgia while the vast majority of you know is the place Bobby Jones planned and fabricated the Augusta National green and began “The Masters” golf competition. From the time I was around 13 years of age until this day I have seen a great deal of those competitions face to face and those that I didn’t go to I viewed on TV. I have met a great deal of the golf players actually. I was a drug specialist and had a drug store close to the Augusta National Golf Course. A great deal of the golf players and different big names would come into my store to purchase things remembering solutions and OTC medications for the night and I would get the opportunity to meet them and converse with them. These included Jack Nicholas, Fuzzy Zoeller, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, and numerous others. The vast majority of these golf players I just referenced got by from golf and presumably didn’t must have another activity in the slow time of year. Anyway golf players like others I met, for example, Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Sam Sneed and a large number of others for the most part had other salary as an afterthought to help their round of golf. 

During those early long periods of The Masters a ton of the golf players made a decent living from the game, anyway they must be in the best scarcely any golf players in the country just to get a not too bad pay from the game. Presently we should take a gander at the last 10 to 15 or numerous 20 years. The game has graduated to where the main few are making in the millions and even most in the best 50 to 100 golf players on the PGA Tour are making six figure livelihoods. With this sort of pay they are genuinely experts. 

In any case, something different has joined this ascent in rewards and I believe this is the thing that has makes the game become a game rather than a “Respectable men’s Game”. Through the media of TV and other correspondence implies the players in the game have become superstars and in this manner the Gentlemen’s Game is turning into a major game with loads of cash to be made in It and along these lines individuals from varying backgrounds is presently playing golf and a great deal of the youthful players are wanting to make it to the PGA Tour. The game has become as large as Pro Football, baseball, and ball be that as it may, for the retail business it has increased as a result of all the hardware expected to play the game. Today you see much more greens, significantly more golf shops (customer facing facade and on the web) than any of different games. 

Hence I imagine that Golf is a “Normal Joe’s” game in light of the fact that a lot of individuals in the USA and around the globe play it. Tiger Wood’s ongoing family issues have put some terrible light on the game and I trust that it will stop at that. I feel that the media has caused a great deal of the terrible light anyway simply the measure of cash associated with the game likewise will in general draw out the most noticeably awful in the media inclusion. They generally need to recount to the awful stories that follow any game. I Just expectation that it will stop directly here and we won’t perceive anything else of this negative inclusion of the game. On the off chance that this happens it will keep some demeanor of an “Honorable men’s Game” despite the fact that much more that just men of their word are playing it today.