how to get a man to marry you?

When a woman is of age and in love, the general path you foresee is a happy and fulfilling marriage. However, most women have no idea how to get from just being just another girl to being wife material’. Men and marriage-ever wonder what it takes for these two to tango? The great news for all women is that you don’t have to resort to sneaky manipulations. There are actually small things you can do to make your bond with the man you intend to marry more meaningful,

Here are 3 ways a woman can move from being a girlfriend to being the wife;

1. Be independent minded and take very god care of yourself

Although total commitment to your relationship is extremely important in monannoncerencontre, never allow your personal well-being to suffer. It may sound a bit superficial; it is an indisputable fact that you need to maintain yourself to keep your man attracted to you. Here are a few tips on self-care and independence that will come in for every woman;

  • Stay active and happy by having a full life with your friends and family
  • Stay focused on achieving your career goals and pursuing your dreams whether it is education or entrepreneurship
  • Taking good care of yourself includes growing mentally and emotionally outside your relationship

Ever man wants to marry a beautiful, sexy and confident woman so one of the best ways to get him to the altar is making self-care a priority.

2.) If you want to graduate from girlfriend to wife then try and be comfortable in your skin and trust your man implicitly

The reason you want to marry him is because you love and you are sure he loves you too right? Since you are sure he loves and cares about you, try as much as you can to trust him no matter how challenging g it is to let go of your insecurities as a woman. If you want a man to build a life with you, you have to display trustworthiness. Trust goes along with being comfortable in your own skin, show your man you trust them and you are comfortable in you own skin by;

  • Embracing your body
  • Avoid criticizing yourself
  • Be spontaneous

3.) Show that you are mentally and emotionally stable

The last thing a man wants is to marry a woman who consistently acts out and is involved in fights and altercations. Marriages encounter tough times and frustrating experiences that need a mature and grounded woman who can mentally and emotionally stable in the face of adversity. Every man wants to marry a woman who is understanding and can help them get through marital challenges without melting down.

How can a woman manifest emotional stability and emotional maturity?

  • Remaining calm
  • Express yourself reasonably using your words and without shouting pointlessly
  • When wrong, quickly accept responsibility and apologize sincerely; you will notice that your man will start doing the same and this will no doubt strengthen your bond

By being emotionally stable and mature you will be the calm in his storm especially when he is going through tumultuous times and needs a voice of reason. Remember no man is looking for a partner that makes them more stressed and anxious.

Apart from these three important steps the most obvious way of ensuring your relationships ends in marriage is to show affection by kissing, holding and praising your man. Show the man you want to get married to that you can keep those sensual touches, romantic moments and loving demeanor even during difficult times.

The bottom-line is that any woman that wants that happily ever after must show commitments and loyalty to the many they love. Being marriage material’ is not complicated; it is all about loyalty and showing him that you are worth spending the rest of his life with. Don’t just be a girlfriend, be his partner in