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Wish to Learn How to Hide Files on Mac with a Few Options?

Wish to Learn How to Hide Files on Mac with a Few Options? There are times in our life when we can trust no one around. Each person has a right to keep secrets. It is especially essential for keeping secret files on the personal computer. In the age of rapid development, it is hard to keep all private information safe. For your further confidentiality, you might be interested in setting passwords on particular folders and files.

How to Hide Files 1

One of the options is to purchase third-party software that will encrypt all necessary documents. You won’t have to spend any efforts. The majority of these applications do not come for free, but they are usually very cheap.

Another option is to have free software created by famous MacPaw. They offer many useful utilities free of charge. It means that every user today can defend his private details despite his age, computer literacy, and income. We suggest that you have a look at free apps focused on keeping your private data 100% secure even from people you live with. For instance, most users who already know the reliable path to secure folders prefer Disk Utility method. Guys from MacPaw have a different vision with easy-to-use Hider 2.

A Way to Password Protect Folder Which Really Matters to You

Many famous writers, artists, and business people searched for an effective way to password protect folders Mac for years. Just like copyright works in terms of the real-world law, there should be methods to defend your personal information from stealing on the web. Businessmen store their business plans in extensive Excel files; writers often keep their drafts in Work or Pad; musicians all have their sketches in various folders. Can they sleep well knowing there is no special protection of their intellectual property? Yes, if they have already tasted Hider 2 for Mac folder’s encryption.

When it comes to the question ‘How to add a password to a folder with critical information,’ the first thing which comes to mind of an average user is to turn a particular folder into an encrypted disk image. Not everybody knows how to do it right. That is why it is important to have a look at the scheme:

  1. Come up with a folder fed up with files and set off Disk Utility. It is located in Applications – Utitlites
  2. Pick File – New Disk Image from Folder.
  3. You’re now in the Select Folder to Image. Navigate to the freshly created folder. Choose it and click on the Image.
  4. In the next window, move to the Read and Write function from the Image Format boosting menu and 128-bit AES Encryption from the Encryption appearing menu.
  5. Note that in case you are too much worrying about confidentiality, you can select 256-bit AES Encryption – it will take longer to encrypt.

Password Protection Software for Mac User’s Tranquility

Also, mind that in whenever you care about the space the image may occupy, you can switch to Compressed from the Image Format pop-up menu.

Don’t forget to Save all your modifications so that Disk Utility will allow entering and verifying a password. As usual, you can make the system Remember password, but for complete safety, it is better to enter your code every time instead of risking that someone will use your machine and have access to every area. Disable Remember, and move one in finding the proper response to all-time relevant question – “How do I password protect a folder?”

Try Hide 2 Demo free trial on your Mac device. This ultra-secure app will take care of your private data by preventing it from becoming public.