Vanilla gift card Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

If you want to bring great joy to a loved one who is about to have a birthday soon, you can do so with a summer gift. Now some of you may be wondering what a summer gift is.

The trees and flowers bloom in all their glory, the sun shines from the sky and it is nice to spend your free time in the green with friends and families. All those who have birthdays in the summer months can count themselves lucky.

For these very special moments there are of course the right gifts, which we call so-called “summer gifts”. Vanilla cards are including this, mastercard gift card balance and gift it.

Below there are three tips that you can use to delight a birthday child.

Tip 1: The flower bucket

Everyone likes flowers and, as it is been reported in one of the previous blog articles, flowers also speak their own language. You can also use flowers to decorate the balcony, terrace and garden.

So why not give away a beautiful bucket in which the appropriate seeds have already been sown? Such flower buckets are already available for purchase. If you are creative, you can of course also buy a beautiful flower pot or bucket and hide seeds yourself.

With lots of love, water and a little patience, the gift recipient will soon see the most beautiful flowers and a fresh, summery smell. You can enjoy such an aromatic gift idea for a long time and will remember summer with its beautiful moments even on not so warm days.

Tip 2: lantern with engraving

Small lanterns are a real eye-catcher both in the apartment, on the balcony, on the terrace or on the small path to the garden. A lantern is also associated with a very special message, because: The light and warmth of the candle stand for affection, friendship or love. So if you want to give pleasure, you will find the right gift with a very special summer gift, the lantern with engraving.

Tip 3: The original beach mat

The warming sun rays are best enjoyed in nature. Whether on the beach, at the swimming pool or at home, you often struggle with the problem that lying on the towel is simply uncomfortable – especially if you want to read a good book or just chat or eat something.

You can provide a remedy for a birthday child by giving away a very special beach mat that has an inflatable backrest and is available in different colors.